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Wine is the toughest item to store among alcoholic beverages. If you are a wine enthusiast, a Wine Chiller is a convenient way to cool and store wine. Wine Chiller allow you to store your bottles in the perfect temperature so they can age properly. When your Wine Chiller isn’t chilling correctly, you won't have to buy a new Wine Chiller or replace your expensive wine collection if you contact our Wine Chiller Repair Service. We will send a Wine Chiller repair technician to your house to fix the issue, provide a quote and order parts if necessary.

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For every Wine Chiller Repair Service, we will provide a warranty. Do contact us back if you have any questions.

Wine Chiller evaporator is faulty

If the Wine Cooler evaporator fan is broken or bent, you would need to replace the Wine Cooler evaporator fan entirely. However, if the problem is with ice in the element, you can just fix wine chiller by melting the ice.

Wine Chiller condenser fan isn’t working

If the wine cooler condenser fan isn’t working, it could be caused by debris in the Wine Chiller and thus cleaning all the dust can help the fan to start spinning. If that doesn’t work, you will have to replace the fan.

Wine Chiller compressor problems

If the compressor breaks, the wine cooler will stop working entirely. You may have to replace the wine cooler entirely as the compressor is usually not sold separately. Contact us to check for available parts.

Wine Chiller capacitor for issues

We can check if the Wine Chiller capacitor is faulty by testing it with a multimeter. If the readings don’t match what they should, then the capacitor is faulty and will need to be replaced.

Wine Chiller doesn’t have power

If there are no power outages and the Wine Cooler still doesn’t work, then you might need to check the Wine Chiller Breaker and Fuse. You would need to replace them if needed.

Wine Chiller thermostat has spoilt

We can check Wine Chiller thermostat by observing if the cooling unit continues to run after we open the door to remove a bottle of wine. If it does, then the thermostat might be broken and we will have to replace it.

Improve User Experience

Our aim is to improve user experience by providing outstanding Wine Chiller Repair Service. As a professional and certified Wine Chiller services provider, we promise to provide our customers with the exceptional quality repair services.

Our proffesional technicians will make Wine Chiller repair easy for you. We can guarantee a smooth functioning of Wine Chiller after repairing.

Professional Wine Chiller Technician

We have successfully fixed Wine Chiller for hundreds of families around Singapore. We would assist you to resolve all your Wine Chiller issue and make this Wine Chiller repair journey as pleasant as possible for you.

Our engineers are both qualified and certified in technical areas. We are experienced and professional in providing highest standards of services to you.

Repair All Brands of Wine Chiller

We understand all brands of Wine Chiller problems in Singapore. This is because we have invested many years of practice and training in it. We will use proven methods and tools to check and repair your Wine Chiller.

Our technicians are licensed with years of experience to provide you a guaranteed satisfactory service.

We're able to repair all


FISHER & PAYKE Wine Chiller repair
Tecno Wine Chiller repair
EuropAce Wine Chiller repair
Brandt Wine Chiller repair
Kadeka Wine Chiller repair
Vintec Wine Chiller repair
Mayer Wine Chiller repair
Miele Wine Chiller repair
Whirlpool Wine Chiller repair

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